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Erez Segal is an Israeli EDM producer and remixer with a career spanning almost 20 years.

Born into a musical family in the city of Haifa, Israel, Erez grew up surrounded by musical inspiration. His great-grandfather, one of the last klezmer clarinetists of the pre-State generations, encouraged musical exploration in the family, with Erez’s extended family playing in bands across Haifa since the early 1960s. This encouraged Erez to take up piano at the age of 8, sparking an interest in new styles of music. By the age of 10, Erez was fascinated by computer music production and began experimenting with loops, samples and VSTs to create electronic music, distributing home-made albums to his friends and family that he had created at home. Through his discovery of DAWs, Erez began working with Fruity Loops software, which he still works with to this day.

Driven to share his music with a wider audience, Erez began broadcasting his music on internet radio, showcasing his own remixes under the alias ‘DJ EREZ-S’. Inspired by the joy of sharing his music through internet radio broadcasts, Erez entered and won several remix competitions across Israel and gained exposure from having his remixes played in clubs internationally and on major radio stations. This led to Erez collaborating with musicians and writers to create original tracks, with his first single ‘Passion’ being released at the age of 18 under his own name.

Erez continued to produce original tracks and remixes and hopes to continue to produce music for years to come, working with major artists around the world and sharing his love for music with audiences alike.